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Google chrome is web browser which is started by Google. This web browser powerd by the Webkit layout engine. On 2nd Sept 2008, it first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows and it publically released on 11th Dec 2008.

It is originated from Chromium and Chromium which is open-source project by Google. Now a days it is most widely used browser. Google Chrome is a browser which runs web pages and applications with faster speed.

The installation process of Chrome is both self-sustaining and straightforward. It automatically rools out the upgrades and also keeps your browser up to date. It combines a minimlal designs with advanced technology to make the web safer, faster and easier. The latest version of chrome comes with advanced features such as privacy function, tabbed browsing etc. Google Chrome is designed to be simple and i t has just one box i.e Omnibox, where you can search anything and also directly go through the website. If you enable Chrome Instant, as you types in address bar it offers suggestion and also it load result instantly. It has built-in PDF viewer, where you can view or load PDF file withour installing a plug in.